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Please note – these proposals are still in draft and may still change

What is MTD ITSA?

  • Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self-Assessment


Who does this affect?

  • Self-employed individuals and landlords with a tax year turnover over £10k
  • Partnership which consists only of individual partners
  • The turnover threshold takes account of the combined turnover of a person’s total number of businesses and rental properties



  • Trades and/or rental income where the turnover does not exceed £10k
  • A deceased person’s estate
  • Registered pension scheme trustees
  • Non-resident companies
  • Individuals who are able to claim they are digitally excluded


What will MTD ITSA mean in practice?

  • You will be required to maintain your trading/rental records in a digital format
  • Primarily, during the tax year, you will need to make quarterly digital submissions to HMRC of your income and expenses as regards your trade/rental business.


When is this happening?

  • April 2024 – Sole Traders and Landlords
  • April 2025 – General partnerships


When will the quarterly submissions be due?

  • 5thAugust – covering the 1st quarter to 5th
  • 5thNovember – covering the 2nd quarter to 5th
  • 5thFebruary – covering the 3rd quarter to 5th
  • 5thMay – covering the 4th quarter to 5th
  • The very first MTD ITSA submission will need to be made by 5thAugust 2024


What will need to be included in the submissions?

  • Details of trading/rental income and expenses for the quarter period concerned
  • Broken down into categories similar to what is presently required for a self-assessment tax return


Do I have to pay my tax over at the same time as the quarterly submissions?

  • At present no, you continue to pay the tax over on 31stJanuary and 31st July


What happens after the 4th quarterly submission has been made?

  • You have to make a further digital submission for the tax year called an end of period statement (EOPS)
  • The EOPS enables you make the necessary adjustment to what has already been submitted in respect of things like capital allowances and losses
  • The EOPS must be submitted by 31stJanuary following the end of the relevant tax year
  • An EOPS must be submitted for each trade


Will I need to also complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return?

  • Not if you comply with MTD ITSA


How will I declare my other income and capital gains disposals?

  • A finalisation statement (FS) will also need to be submitted by 31st January 
  • You would include other income and gains not already reflected in the quarterly submissions on the FS


What happens if I don’t comply?

  • Financial penalties are likely to be imposed


What do I need to do?

  • DO NOT LEAVE IT TOO LATE TO ACT – contact your Accountant / Bookkeeper
  • Check to see if you are caught by the MTD ITSA rules and have digital software 

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