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Outsourcing vs. DIY Bookkeeping:
Choosing the Right Option for Your Business

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As a small business owner, deciding how to manage your company’s bookkeeping needs can be challenging.

The two primary options are: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or outsourcing to a professional.

Each approach has its own merits and disadvantages. 

DIY Bookkeeping

Many small business owners initially handle bookkeeping tasks themselves.DIY Bookkeeping

Let’s explore the pros and cons.


  • Cost Savings: By doing your own bookkeeping, you save the cost of hiring an external service. This can be particularly appealing for start-ups or businesses with tight budgets.
  • Complete Control: DIY bookkeeping allows you to maintain an intimate understanding of your company’s financial position, aiding strategic decision-making.


  • Time-Consuming: Bookkeeping can be a significant time commitment. As your business grows, so does the complexity and volume of financial transactions.
  • Increased Risk of Errors: If you lack formal accounting training, there’s a greater risk of errors in your financial records. These errors can have serious implications, from misguided business decisions to tax issues.

Outsourcing Bookkeeping

Outsourcing involves hiring a professional bookkeeper or accounting firm to manage your financial records. Let’s consider the benefits and drawbacks.


  • Professional Expertise: An outsourced bookkeeper brings accounting expertise and can navigate complex financial issues, ensuring accuracy in your financial records.
  • Time Saving: Outsourcing frees up your time to focus on core business activities, such as growing your customer base or refining your product or service.


  • Cost: Outsourcing bookkeeping comes with a price. However, weigh this against the potential cost of errors and the value of your time.
  • Less Hands-On Control: With someone else managing your books, you might feel less connected to your company’s day-to-day finances. Regular communication with your bookkeeper and frequent review of financial reports is crucial.

Choosing the right bookkeeping option depends on various factors such as your business size, financial complexity, and available resources. Consider your accounting knowledge, the cost of hiring a bookkeeper versus potential errors, the time you can allocate, and your business’s financial complexity. Regardless of the option you choose, remember to reassess your choice regularly as your business evolves, and don’t hesitate to seek professional advice to ensure you’re making the best decision for your unique business needs.

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